Space for Residents

Due to the current circumstances of the world, terrorism, climate change, possible wars, there are many people who are looking for a lifestyle, away from those conflicts, that is natural, quiet, with comfort and access to communication technologies.


They look for a space where nature, values, harmony and peace are possible.


That to this day is a reality in the Eco Village "La Pequeña María." The association offers the resident:

A land, on the property of the Peruvian association "La Pequeño Maria", that is to say, the opportunity to access a concession of a plot of 600 m2 for which it wishes to be resident in the Ecovillage.


A house of 65 m2 built with quality wood of the area ideal for single person or couple. The houses are designed to have the greatest comfort in the heart of the jungle, windows with mosquito net, fiber cement ceiling and combined ceiling of leaves of the area and calamines of ecological materials.

  • A living room of 14 m2
  • A room of 16 m2
  • A bathroom of 6 m2
  • A kitchen of 11 m2
  • A terrace of 18 m2

The house is not furnished. The bathroom includes a walk-in shower, toilet and laundry. The kitchen includes a work plan with utility room and an open storage space, a special refrigerator for its good operation with the solar system.


The house can be subject to modifications to the taste of the resident respecting the rules of construction and prior agreement with the work team. Budget costs and improvements will be borne by the resident.

A tubular well for drinking water, the infrastructure is accompanied by the engine room of the solar plant and a laundry space.


Electric power distributed by air to the various bungalows fully fed 24 hours a day by a solar power plant.


Wastewater treatment will be through the ecological lagoon system.

The construction time has an approximate time of 15 months according to possible variation by the weather. The works begin with having 5 residents. The work team will be done by of 7 people. It has as unforeseen 5% on the budget of work.


The right of entry is unique for each resident of the Ecovillage.

The cost of the investment, per resident, amounts to 139 154 Soles / 43 486 USD * / 39 758 EUR *

* referential exchange rate