Research and reforestation

In the midst of so much flora, it is important that there be a system of investigation of the Amazonian trees in order to be able to register their behaviors and to be able to preserve them, within this one is thinking about a seed bank, a space of meristematic reproduction and a center of interpretation of the trees that enter to be investigated and later reforested.

We believe that research must go hand in hand with reforestation, as we believe that we must give back to the earth what it has given us and thus we do an important part of ecological restoration. Forest maintenance is important because it favors the presence of water, recharge of aquifers, preserves biodiversity and habitat, provides oxygen, protects the soil, acts as a decontaminant filter for water and air, regulates temperature, decreases noise, provide food, serve as raw material (firewood, wood, coal, paper, resins, medicines, dyes, etc.). That way we will be able to show and show visitors the essence of nature.