Alternative school

The alternative school project is the engine of our daily efforts, the school is designed so that at first it can receive as an internship to children of different educational institutions of the Ucayali region or other regions of the country; in a second moment so that it can function as a school with vacation programs and in a third moment as an annual permanent school.


We believe that to develop multiple intelligences in children it is important that they combine theory with practice. All this in a natural, multicultural and multilingual environment where they feel motivated and awaken in them the desire to learn more. We also believe that it is important, in addition to the knowledge, to develop their social skills so that they can face the challenges of life and also fulfill their dreams, instilling fundamental values such as respect, solidarity and work.

We have been able to materialize this idea into a concrete project, which is divided into two parts: Infrastructure and the educational model.


In terms of infrastructure, there are two components, the first with respect to the school infrastructure and the other with respect to the ecological farm (the fundamental basis of the learning system).


The school infrastructure will contain:

  • One administration and two offices of the organizing staff.
  • Six classrooms.
  • Two toilet facilities with four toilets each.
  • A dining room.
  • A kitchen with storage space.
  • An art room and a music room.

The external infrastructure will contain:

  • An area for the little ones (cot)
  • A playground, table and movement area.
  • A conference hall with state-of-the-art technology, exhibition.
  • A football field.
  • A field of volleyball, basket, tennis and fronton.
  • An area of cycling and running.
  • A pool.
  • A tubular well and solar plant.

The ecological farm will contain: 

  • A corral for a horse and two mares.
  • A corral for a bull and three cows.
  • A pen for one ram and five sheep.
  • A fish farm of Boquichico and a piscigranja of Gamitana.
  • Two pens for two hundred regional hens.
  • A vegetable garden.
  • An average of three thousand fruit trees planted around the alternative school.
  • A large reforestation area.

The total budget for the work amounts to 2 686 562 Soles / 839 551 USD * / 767 589 EUR *

* Referential exchange rate