Our approach is based on making the ecovillage self-sustainable in relation to the food consumed here with a more environmentally friendly and more socially sensitive agriculture; centered not only on production but also on the ecological sustainability of the production system.

We believe that agroecology is much more than a type of agriculture, is to show that cultivating food is a commitment to solidarity and responsible with humans and the planet. With the demonstration of agroecology in Ecoaldea we want to contribute to the creation of positive synergies that join to the human development from the strengthening of the local economy, since its productivity and sustainability make it possible; and, in the near future, food for the citizens of the world will be guaranteed through family or local agriculture.


Our visitors will be able to know more about agroecology because they can see it in practice and can have the joy of consuming organ products planted and harvested in a direct and healthy way.